CS373 Fall 2021 Week 11: Darshan Bhatta

Darshan Bhatta
2 min readNov 6, 2021

What did you do this past week?

This past week, my group and I started working on phase 3 of the project. We created all of our user stories for the other group, so glad to get that out of the way early in the project. Right now, I am focusing on implementing searching on the backend for our models.

What’s in your way?

Nothing is in my way at the moment.

What will you do next week?

Next week, I will continue working on phase 3 of the project. Once I get the search implemented, I will probably work on connecting the search API with the frontend. I am hoping we will get done with most of the project next week so we can just focus on the minor things after.

If you read it, what did you think of the Paper #11: Getters and Setters?

I thought the paper was an interesting read. At first, I was wondering what the author meant by saying getters and setters were bad design. After reading through the paper, I understood the reasoning behind the author’s viewpoint on how having getters and settings can create a lot of dependencies which would be hard to change if the getters and setters change.

What was your experience of relational algebra, select, and project? (this question will vary, week to week)

I have worked in SQL before, so I understood those concepts but never implemented them raw in Python before. After going over the concepts in the lecture and doing the in-class exercises this week, I had a clear understanding of them and know of a way to implement them without using a SQL engine. It was pretty interesting implementing the table as arrays and dictionaries which I didn’t really think about before.

What made you happy this week?

I was happy this week to have a lighter course week to get more sleep. My sleep schedule has been pretty bad again lately and I am working on fixing that. I am hoping this week’s extra hour of sleep will help in some way.

What’s your pick-of-the-week or tip-of-the-week?

My pick-of-the-week is Learn X in Y Minutes, a website that almost explains every language and tool in an easy format. It shows specific code examples and helps anyone learn the basics of a language very quickly. I recommend this to anyone that is trying to learn something new to check out this page to learn the basics.